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The Bowery have been designing user experiences, creating beautiful designs & developing lean code for more than 5 years. We specialise in e-commerce development, beautiful customer focussed design thinking, best practice interaction design and open thought processes. We code and design lean from the inside to the outside, from the beginning to the end so the experience of owning, running or visiting a digital product is simply perfect.

donna hay by The Bowery

In The Spotlight

donna hay

a beautiful website

After presenting our vision, The Bowery were chosen from a shortlist of agencies to bring a new website to life for the Donna Hay business.

what we do?

we do premium....

  • User Experience Designers
    HTML & CSS Developers
  • Business Catalyst Managers
  • e-Commerce specialists
  • Information Architects
  • Responsive Designers
  • Native App Design (android & iOS)
  • Google Adwords Partners
  • NO Social Media & NO SEO
  • Google+





making things - create


Complete Design + Development using Business Catalyst

Apres Velo

Apres Velo

Website Design + Development - E-Commerce + API + more (BC)

Donna Hay

Donna Hay

Facebook Customisation

Southern Districts Rugby Club

Southern Districts Rugby

Complete Design and Development Solution using Business Catalyst

Tumbling Waters

Tumbling Waters Retreat

Direct Email Campaign

18 Footers & Racing Skiffs

18 Footers

Website development using Business Catalyst

Tynan Motors

Tynan Motors

Website development and design using Business Catalyst

Black Forest Smokehouse

Website development and design using Business Catalyst



Information Layout & Design



Information Layout & Design

Macedone Legal

Macedone Legal

Website Design & Development (Adobe BC)

Southern Antiques

Southern Antiques

Website Design & Development (BusCat)

7 Murray Rose

7 Murray Rose

Website Development

7 Murray Rose

Christmas Warehouse

Email Marketing

The Bowery offices

The Bowery

We are a creative collective of professional digital folk whose passion is to produce the best possible online experiences for your customers. (the people that matter) We will deliver the best thinking, the best design, the best functionality and the best marketing initiatives.


Digital Strategist

Paul has been in the digital arena for nearly 15 years and has worked in some stellar roles and delivered some premium projects. He is a passionate, insightful & collaborative and develops long terms relationships with his clients and peers.


He can often be found on weekends drinking coffee, at a game of kids sport or playing in his band somewhere in Sydney.


Lean Developer

Wayne is one of the smartest development guys in the game. His role as Developer is about delivering the cleanest most efficient code base using world class standards acros HTML 5 and CSS 3.


He is also rumoured to be a fine cricket and rugby league coach which is why we never see him around at 4pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Strategic Design

Geff is a strategic designer to be reckoned with. His work is meticulous and his design thinking delves deep inside the soul of every project. He takes design to the next level and delivers beyond expectation. He has been working with The Bowery for more than 6 years.


He is often to be found clammering in and around Manly Dam with a mountain bike clipped to his feet or on a wave somewhere on the south coast .

Choosing Us


Everyone likes to deal with nice people. We all like nice people. You would easily be able to take any of us home to meet Mum and she would approve. You can trust us with your ideas, projects or secrets.


It has taken a long time to hone our collective crafts. We not only have loads of experience, but we have worked together on more than 100 projects. We know what works and what doesn't and we never fight.

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